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We appreciate your interest in the pursuit of good coffee and how it can help you start or grow your business that is close to your heart. Our company does not just end with providing the best roasted beans in several blends as we also showcase different specialty grade origins, including our very own specialty blends that will surely be a hit for all sorts of caffeine drinkers.

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Coffee lovers of the world, unite! If that sounds like a rallying call to join our cause, that’s because we are as passionate about coffee as revolutionaries are about their convictions. 1961Coffee is a purveyor of the finest coffee in Melbourne, supplying ground coffee beans and coffee pods all over Australia. You can order coffee beans online for delivery at standard shipping rates, and with any order over AUD40, delivery is free.

A coffee connoisseur like you understands how rewarding it is to find fresh, quality coffee. We source the finest varieties from all over the world and are proud to put our name to only the best. You can indulge in the complete experience: brewing the ultimate cup, inhaling the fragrant aroma and savouring in a rich roast that is satisfying and rewarding to the last sip. This extraordinary experience starts when you shop for coffee beans on our website.

Our Services

1961Coffee takes care of scouring the globe to find the finest and most extensive variety of coffee products.

  • We roast our coffee beans at the ideal temperature to ensure the flavour and aroma is heightened and enhanced. You can purchase the beans we pack in sealed airtight sachets that keep the beans fresh and flavourful. You can buy our fresh coffee beans online in a few clicks to taste for yourself.
  • If you prefer ground coffee beans, we grind our roasted beans in our sophisticated roasters, so it is ready for you to brew. We seal the ground coffee in airtight lined packaging, so the flavour and aroma of the coffee are preserved for you to enjoy in every cup.
  • We also produce coffee pods that will work in most pod machines. Our capsules are hundred percent biobased, compostable and biodegradable as we are committed to being environmentally friendly.

Our Products

1961Coffee is constantly researching global coffee trends for our customers’ enjoyment. We are proud to put our name and logo on these fine products:

  • Perky Jo is a blend of two of our finest roasts, each with its own unique qualities, roasted in small batches: Cerrado, all the way from Brazil and beans from New Guinea’s Highlands area. Appreciate the flavours of toffee, caramel, pineapple and hazelnut. Perky Jo won Bronze at the Australian International Coffee Awards in 2014.
  • Try our Little Bird Single Origin – Brazil Ipanema. This beautiful single-origin coffee hails from Brazil, as the name suggests. Indulge in the creamy richness with hints of hazelnuts, roasted almonds and dark chocolate.
  • Long Neck Decaf made in Melbourne, which is renowned as Australia’s coffee capital. The decaffeination process uses no chemicals, so the taste is as pure as possible. Long Neck Decaf is a medium roast with flavours of toasty cocoa, caramel, malt and lime.

Passionate About Coffee

Ash Nathan, our founder, comes as close to coffee royalty as you can get. He was born into a coffee family and grew up surrounded by its aroma. His grandfather owned coffee estates in Gampola, Sri Lanka, and his relationship with the bean has been generations in the making. Coffee is in his blood.

Many of our blends have won awards over the years, and we are thrilled to make these available to you. 1961 Coffeehead is our retail lounge where you would be welcome to indulge in our signature blends and delicious varieties. Join our loyal customers who return time after time to savour the best we have to offer.

If you are like us and love coffee, buy online via our website. Contact us today for a delicious variety of roasts. Whether you prefer beans, ground coffee, or pods, we are your one-stop-shop.